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General Questions

Why should I trust Diamond Gates Services?

We over at Diamond Gates Services pride ourselves on being the most Legitimate and Safest Place to purchase from, we constantly upgrade and test our methods and tools and make sure they are up to date with everything.

We have many Reviews posted on our Reviews Page, all verified purchases are provided with a checkmark.

If you are hesitant or have questions we have many ways that we can be contacted, our Contact / Support Page has every single method of communication to us.


If you do not trust us or believe us that we will provide you with your service, you can join our Server and talk to our customers directly for their feedback.


Our Goal has always been to provide the highest quality service for the best price possible, and most importantly the Customer Satisfaction to be 100% and Customer Service to be available 24/7.

Can I be Banned from Using this Service?

In simple words, No.

We do weekly checks on everything that we use and ensure that everything is working safe and sound.

If we have any problems or limitations we will alert through a Banner on the Website or on our Server.

But nevertheless, anything is possible. We have had bans the percentile is 0.01%. 
Which is why we also provide with a Anti-Ban warranty.

Why is my Order Marked as Fraud / Risky?

If your order was marked as Fraud / High Risk, we would require you to provide us with a proof of identification to prove that everything is safe to continue, if your order is flagged we would alert you and you will be required to provide us with the asked information to receive your purchase, if you don’t comply we would have to cancel your order and refund you.

Sometimes, your order may be marked as fraud due to a small reason which you could have missed during the checkout process. If we see that it is still flagged, we will still ask you for the verification, machines aren’t perfect but we still want to ensure everyone’s safety.

If you do provide us with the information, you may ask what we do with that information, we store it in a encrypted database where it is held onto only for 180 days and permanently erased afterwards.
If we need to use it against a possible dispute or to forward it to local authorities or a bank, we will use them as proof of your presence.

We take Fraud really seriously, we want to make sure everything is 100% safe for both the customer and us as a company.

PC Services

Do you do all Launchers / Platforms?


We do all launchers, for some services like the money boosting and recoveries, we are only going to need the social club login.

While for others we are going to need your actual launcher that you have bought the game on, and the login to that launcher.

Do you have to login in my Account?


We would have to login in your account to provide you with the service.

Console Boosting

Why is Console services more expensive than PC?

Console is much more harder to do and it takes much more time, we try to keep everything as balanced and as cheap as possible.

But console will always be more expensive than PC.

How do I login in my GTA 5 Modded Account?

After you purchase and receive the modded account’s login information. Add a new account to your PlayStation, and login using the provided details.

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