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Diamond Gates Services is a Trusted GTA 5 Modding Service that guarantees our Customers a Happy and Reliable service to count on, all our GTA V Services include a Anti-Ban Warranty. We offer GTA 5 Money Boosting, RP / Level Boosting, Unlocks, Modded Outfits, Modded Cars and Much More for PC / PS4 & 5 / Xbox One & Series S-X. For any further questions make sure to Contact Us or visit our FAQ!

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Our Discord Server / Community is our main hangout for our members and the best way to get fast support from our Staff Team.

We provide Giveaways and Fun Events in our Server. We are always happy to help you with anything that you may need help with.
If you need help in our server, please open a ticket.


We make sure to follow all of Discord TOS and also have a special Bot for moderation in order to prevent anything out of the ordinary.



Our Guilded Server is our Back-Up and our safe-place. We talk there, and provide support if needed. It is mainly based for Support, but we are planning to make it an active community where we do Giveaways and other Fun events.

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Grand Theft Auto V Online  [GTA 5] Boosting Services / Modded Accounts 

GTA 5 Modding Information

Grand Theft Auto V
, the game that has been currently out for 9 years. There are roughly 800k people playing the game every week, which is roughly 120k average players per day. The Game is loved by many, the reason behind is because this is the only game out there where you can cause chaos on a massive city and then chill with your friends on a MEGA Yacht. GTA V Online is a fun game where you and your friends can participate in whatever you please. Ever wanted to purchase a Super Car and tune it? Well you can on GTA 5. But most importantly, you can use climb a mountain and do Stunt Jumps. The game truly has no limits.
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GTA V PC Modding Services

GTA 5 Modding Services for PC offer you the possibility of experiencing the true experience of a millionaire on GTA 5 Online. We over at Diamond Gates Services provide the safest GTA Modding Services for PC. We do Modded Accounts, Cash Boosts, RP Boosts, Modded Outfits and Much More! Checkout the Page Below to View the GTA PC Boosting / Recovery Services. Our PC Modding Boosting services are the safest on the internet and we provide an Anti-Ban Warranty and as well a 30-Day Warranty if something does happen, which we haven't had any issues out of thousands of orders.
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GTA 5 Playstation & Xbox Modding Services

GTA 5 Online Boosting Services for PS4 & PS5 and Xbox One & Xbox Series S/X includes Cash Boosting which can vary on Cash + Cars and Cash Only Boosting for Console. The difference is for the Cash + Cars, you get a % of GTA$ and then Deluxos or Scramjets which you can sell. But Cash Only is 100% Pure Cash in the Bank for your GTA 5 Online Character. All of our services are 100% Safe and guaranteed to not have any issues. Our Rank boosting may take long, but is done legitimately which is actually counted in the Rockstar Social Club stats and registered as gathered legitimately.
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